Forensic Interviews

Forensic interviewers provide children with a safe place to share their story in their own words to experts who will listen to them, protect them and help them heal.

Forensic interviewers are specially trained to ask child victims a series of unbiased, non-leading questions to elicit information about the abuse in an age- and developmentally-appropriate manner. During the interview, the child and the interviewer meet one-on-one. Our partners observe the interview through a one-way mirror and listening system, so they can collect evidence for their investigations.

ChicagoCAC Forensic Interview

Before centers like ChicagoCAC, children relived the trauma of abuse repeatedly by having to detail the abuse to police, medical professionals, child protection specialists and others separately. Now, our forensic interviews minimize trauma by ensuring that the child is able to provide the account in their own words and only has to detail the abuse to one adult.

Interviews are recorded to preserve evidence for prosecution. Plus, our forensic interviewers may testify in court to give a voice to child victims who are unable to participate in the court, either due to their age or reluctance to face their abuser.