The following is an insight into what guides ChicagoCAC’s policy decisions. It is intended to be general rather than an endorsement of specific bills or initiatives. If you have questions about any of these principles or would like to discuss collaboration, please contact us at

Our Core Values

• Freedom from abuse and exploitation is a basic human right. 

• The center is a safe place for everyone who enters its doors. 

• The collaborative process is the best approach to prevent and respond to child abuse. 

• Our children and families deserve to receive the highest standard of care available. 

• Best-practice interventions can restore lives. 

Our Policy Principles

  • Our policy work prioritizes child survivors of sexual abuse/harm
  • We strive to be a trauma-informed environment
  • Collaboration is essential to our approach
  • Families deserve best-practice care
  • We advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion
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