Family Hope Center

ChicagoCAC Therapy

ChicagoCAC’s Family Hope Center provides children and caregivers with the services they need to heal. In the Family Hope Center, children receive mental health therapy with our dedicated team of therapists, while our child life team provides activities and care for siblings.

ChicagoCAC’s mental health team helps children heal from the trauma of abuse. Therapists create a comfortable, safe space for children to tell their trauma stories, identify and overcome challenges, develop positive coping skills and build healthy relationships.

ChicagoCAC therapists use the Attachment, Self-regulation and Competency (ARC) and Integrated Treatment for Complex Trauma (ITCT) treatment modalities, which are trauma-informed, sanctioned by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network and known to be effective. Because each child responds to trauma differently, these modalities focus on meeting the child where they are, and they provide general guidelines for care through art, play or conversation.

Initially, the therapist works with the child and caregiver to identify challenges, which may include nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, dissociation, hypervigilance, self-blame, aggression, low self-esteem, hyperactivity or depression. Through weekly sessions with the child and regular check-ins with the caregiver, the therapist builds a healthy, trusting relationship with the family. They work together to develop ways for the child to overcome the trauma of the abuse he or she has experienced, including building a positive self-image, learning positive coping skills, learning to control and express emotions, and building healthy relationships.

Intensive Case Manager

Families who receive mental health services in our Family Hope Center may also meet with an intensive case manager, who provides comprehensive social support. With resources to help alleviate other stressful issues at home, families can better support their child healing from abuse.

PATHH Collaboration

ChicagoCAC convenes Providing Access Toward Hope and Healing (PATHH) Collaboration, a group of mental health providers committed to improving the mental health system in Chicago. The collaboration is an alliance of 19 non-profit agencies that provide evidence-based, trauma-informed therapy for children and families who are victims of sexual abuse. Learn more.

Resource Manager

ChicagoCAC’s resource manager connects children with mental health services through a centralized wait list and provides ongoing follow-up, ensuring families are more likely to engage in mental health services.