Case Coordination

When a report of child sexual abuse is made in Chicago, the report is directed to the Chicago Police Department detectives or Illinois Department of Children & Family Services child protection specialist located at Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center. Our intake team coordinates the investigation with the multidisciplinary team and arranges a family’s visit to the center, including transportation and child life.

The intake coordinator is the family’s first contact with ChicagoCAC. The coordinator provides initial information about what a visit to the center will entail, including the forensic interview, family advocacy services and often a medical exam. The intake coordinator also gets information about a child’s special needs, ensuring the team is prepared to provide the best experience possible for the child.

The intake coordinator works closely with the doctor, detective, child protection specialist and assistant state’s attorney to ensure that each team member is available to provide comprehensive services to the child and family during their visit to the center. Transportation_1

Once the family and team are scheduled, the intake team works with ChicagoCAC’s transportation team to get families to and from the center. If families do not have their own vehicle, ChicagoCAC’s drivers are available to pick them up and return them home in our minivans. By taking care of the logistics of a trip, we make it easier for families to engage in the healing services they need.