Safe and Sacred

Keeping children safe in faith communities

As adults, we are responsible for keeping children safe from sexual abuse. Faith leaders and their communities play a unique role in preventing abuse, both within and outside the church.

For faith leaders, Safe and Sacred trainings can include:

  • enhancing safety measures for children in congregations
  • recognizing and responding to sexual abuse
  • supporting sexual abuse survivors
  • creating policies and procedures to prevent sexual abuse
  • protecting children and adults with disabilities

For congregants, Safe and Sacred training can include:

  • creating family safety plans to prevent sexual abuse
  • talking to children and families to reduce vulnerability to sexual abuse
  • protecting children from abuse in program settings
  • identifying behaviors in adults, teens and children that may put them at risk of sexually abusing children


This training is intended for faith leaders and communities, and it can be customized for specific sub-sections of a congregation.


This training is 1.5 to 3 hours in length, and it can be customized for specific sites.


This training is available by request at your facility or hosted at ChicagoCAC.

This training is part of our Raising Awareness in Service and Empowerment of African-American Families (RAISE) coalition.

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