Erin’s Law

In Illinois, Erin’s Law requires that all public schools implement child-focused sexual abuse prevention education that:

  • teaches students in grades pre-K through 12th grade age-appropriate information about how to recognize child sexual abuse and tell a trusted adult
  • requires school personnel to be informed about child sexual abuse
  • provides parents and guardians with information on the warning signs of child sexual abuse, plus any needed assistance, referrals or resources to support victims and their families

Erin’s Law is named after Erin Merryn, a childhood sexual assault survivor, author, speaker and activist. The law is a national effort that began in Erin’s home state of Illinois and has passed in the majority of other states. View the Erin’s Law Task Force Executive Summary, or learn more  on the Erin’s Law website.

How ChicagoCAC helps

Training for school personnel

ChicagoCAC offers trainings for administrators, teachers and other school personnel on talking to students about child sexual abuse prevention, effects of child sexual abuse on children, responding to abuse, and mandated reporting as outlined in Erin’s Law.

Education for parents and caregivers

ChicagoCAC’s Keeping My Family Safe is a customized training for parents and caregivers on important things to communicate to children, behaviors to watch out for and steps to take to keep children safe. This training empowers caregivers to have these tough conversations with their children and the adults who care for them. Learn more.

Education for students

ChicagoCAC is available to assist schools with meeting these requirements. Please contact us for more information. 

For more information or to schedule this training for your worksite, contact