Raising Awareness in Service and Empowerment of African-American Families

Raising Awareness in Service and Empowerment of African American Families (RAISE) is a community coalition with the long-term goal of improving engagement in mental health services of African-American children and youth who have been sexually abused. RAISE is a grassroots coalition formed in 2011, facilitated by ChicagoCAC and comprised of professionals and community members, including adult survivors of sexual abuse.

RAISE’s ultimate goal is to stop violence before it begins. RAISE’s prevention outreach, education and training activities contain core components of primary sexual abuse prevention that have been identified by leading national prevention organizations such as Stop It Now! and Enough Abuse. Activities also follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s five-level social-ecological model designed to consider the complex interplay between individual, relationship, community and societal factors. The components of this programming are flexible and can be tweaked in order to be relevant for diverse cultural communities.

Our goals

  1. Increase public awareness and decrease stigma regarding sexual abuse and related mental health services in African-American communities in Chicago.
  2. Increase access to relevant trainings about sexual abuse and mental health services and internship opportunities to African-American clinicians and students.
  3. Improve access to trauma-informed mental health services for African-American children recovering from sexual abuse in Chicago.
  4. Cultivate safe spaces and opportunities for sexual abuse survivors to share their stories and promote awareness about sexual abuse in their specific communities.

Safe and Sacred training

In collaboration with ChicagoCAC, RAISE coalition created the Safe and Sacred training to help faith leaders and members of faith communities prevent abuse and support survivors. Learn more.

For more information, contact Training@ChicagoCAC.org.