Community Collaborations

ChicagoCAC convenes collaborative partnerships to prevent and respond to sexual abuse. Together, we aim to meet the needs of specific communities, taking their unique challenges and opportunities into account as we work to keep children safe and help them heal.


Coalition Against Sexual Abuse of Children with Disabilities (CASACD) aims to educate professionals and caregivers about the risks of sexual abuse to children with disabilities, signs of sexual abuse and steps they can take to prevent abuse. Learn more.

RAISE Coalition

Raising Awareness in Service and Empowerment of African-American Families (RAISE) Coalition aims to improve engagement in mental health services among African-American children and youth who have been sexually abused. Learn more.

PATHH Collaboration

Providing Access Toward Hope and Healing (PATHH) Collaboration is a group of mental health providers committed to improving the mental health system in Chicago. Learn more.