Staff from the Protective Team at Lurie Children’s Hospital runs the medical clinic at ChicagoCAC.

Board-certified child abuse pediatricians staff the clinic and provide comprehensive, developmentally-sensitive, trauma-informed medical assessments and care for child sexual abuse.

The clinic sees patients referred to ChicagoCAC to ensure the health of the alleged child victim. The visit includes documenting medically-evident signs of abuse, collecting physical evidence as indicated, testing and treating for sexually transmitted infections and other conditions related to sexual abuse, and addressing any underlying medical, developmental or psychological concerns.

The clinic’s doctors and staff, including a dedicated nurse and receptionist, are sensitive to the child’s and family’s needs and concerns throughout the process. For children who lack access to consistent medical care and may have previously-undiagnosed medical conditions, the clinic provides care and makes referrals for follow-up care as needed.

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