The Coalition Against Sexual Abuse of Children with Disabilities (CASACD) formed in response to the startling fact that children with disabilities are three times more likely to be abused.

CASACD’s goal is to effect real change.

CASACD aims to influence thoughtful and inclusive decisions that affect the systemic responses to cases of sexual abuse involving children with disabilities, promote primary prevention strategies and explore ways to exact policy change.

Led by Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, more than 20 core partners represent self-advocates, social service, prevention, law enforcement, medical, advocacy and mental health disciplines. Working together, this group of diverse individuals and organizations has the ability to affect, advocate for and implement significant, system-wide changes in policy, culture and practice.

Our Mission

Children with disabilities will live free from sexual abuse.

Our Vision

  • To educate and train caregivers, investigative team members, treatment providers and community members about sexual abuse risks to children with disabilities, the signs of sexual abuse and the necessary steps of prevention.
  • To facilitate an informed network of collaboration in investigating sexual abuse allegations and treating children with disabilities who have been sexually abused.

Our Goals

  1. Increase public awareness of the vulnerability to sexual abuse of children with disabilities;
  2. Increase access of mental health services to children with disabilities who have experienced sexual abuse;
  3. Increase sexual abuse prevention efforts in regards to children with disabilities;
  4. Improve the knowledge and expertise of first responders to the abuse of children with disabilities.


For more information, contact Rhiannon Reaves:

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