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The Giving Soles

Want some cool new shoes for the new year and the chance to support a good cause? Mark Narens has you (and your feet) covered!

You might know Mark from his incredible murals here at ChicagoCAC. Throughout his art career, Mark’s covered a lot of things in paint, including, often, his shoes! Based on all the compliments he’s gotten on his artistic footwear, Mark thought it might be fun to start making custom sneaker designs, and he’s proud to partner again with ChicagoCAC on a new project we’re calling “The Giving Soles”, running through January 31, 2021.

How does this work?

Here’s how it works:

1. Buy a pair of plain Converse white sneakers–low, mid, or hi-tops, your choice.
2. Choose up to three words or symbols you want on your shoes.
3. Make a minimum $100 donation to ChicagoCAC using the form below!
4. Forward your receipt to Mark at theblackcouchstudio@gmail.com, adding the subject “Giving Soles”. You can coordinate directly with him about shipping, and design.


Donor is responsible for all shipping costs, which are payable directly to Mark on Venmo. Please allow 3-5 working days for artwork completion. All orders must be in by or on January 31, 2021. Any questions can be directed to Mark at theblackcouchstudio@gmail.com. You can see more of Mark’s work on his Instagram at @marknarensartist or his website at theblackcouchstudio.com.


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