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Keeping Children Safe training

CEC Recommendations to Stop Abuse

Stopping sexual violence – including child sexual abuse – is up to all of us. At ChicagoCAC, our prevention efforts include each of the CDC’s recommendations to stop abuse. From listening to victims and helping them heal, to training adults to keep children safe, to working with community partners to create safe spaces for children, we’re committed to stopping abuse. Join us: www.chicagocac.org/prevent

Keeping Children Safe Word Cloud

At the end of our Keeping Children Safe training, we asked attendees to share one or two words to describe how they feel about bringing this information into their own communities. We’re excited to see so many positive responses – letting us know that our trainees are empowered, comfortable and hopeful about preventing sexual abuse!

Peace Exchange Training

Thanks to the wonderful young adults from The Peace Exchange who came out to the center for a tour and to learn about our violence prevention and intervention strategies. In preparation for their trip to South Africa this summer, they were eager to learn about our work and our trauma-informed environment, and we were inspired by their energy and commitment to making a difference for kids and families!

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