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Statement Regarding Family Separation at the Border

        We were shocked and outraged to see parents and innocent children ripped from one another at our border due to a “zero tolerance” policy that immediately arrests and prosecutes adults who enter the United States seeking asylum or illegally. The extreme trauma experienced when children are separated from their loving and caring parents can cause long-lasting psychological and physical damage. As our city’s first responder to reports of child sexual abuse, and other forms of violence against children, we are intimately familiar with the terrible effects trauma can have on children.

        The inhumane acts of cruelty that over 2,300 children and families have experienced in the past few weeks do not reflect who we are as a country. Any law or policy that allows for the unjust removal of children from their parents is child abuse and a violation of basic human rights. At this time, thousands of families remain apart and we call on our elected leaders for their immediate reunification.

        Every day, ChicagoCAC stands up and advocates for the safety, health and well-being of children here in our city. We join countless others throughout the country who demand immigration laws that protect the basic human rights of all, but most especially children.

        Children deserve better.

Char Rivette
Executive Director
Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center

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