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Staff Spotlight: Nathaniel Williams

Nathaniel Williams is the Transportation & Support Services Manager at ChicagoCAC, but he’s so much more to staff and clients. He is often the first person we meet when arriving at ChicagoCAC, the person we go to when we need help, and the person who keeps the center running smoothly.

We wanted to highlight Nathaniel this month and ask him about his favorite moments at ChicagoCAC.

What brought you to ChicagoCAC?

What brought me to the ChicagoCAC was the position. While looking for employment, I sought a position that would allow me to develop as a leader and a space where I would make a difference. After learning more about what the organization offers to the community, I knew immediately it was the job for me. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me here starts with a round of the building, I do a visual inspection of all areas as well as greet staff to see if they have any concerns. I check in with my team shortly after to look at our upcoming schedule for the day.

You can typically find me running around the building, dealing with a request, or a concern but, I also oversee transportation, and sometimes pick up clients and bring them into the center. Also, I may cover security and or reception when needed. Whether it’s dealing with a vendor, or putting a name on a door, I attend to the unexpected at the center. 

What is a rewarding experience you’ve had while working at ChicagoCAC?      

One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at the Chicago CAC was when I assisted with the Kids Holiday Party last December. To be on the front line and see all the toys and assistance we provided to families was so amazing. After the long day, I couldn’t help but smile thinking of all the families we impacted and it brought great joy knowing we had the chance to brighten their holidays. 

What are you looking forward to for ChicagoCAC’s future?          

I’m looking forward to the CAN Hope project for ChicagoCAC’s future, to be able to offer collocated resources to adult victims in addition to the work we are currently doing with children and their families, is an amazing goal!

I think about the vulnerable families we offer support, resources, and trauma-informed care and the impact that we have, to be able to expand those offerings to adult victims as well, brings a sense of pride that our organization is doing the work. We are boots on the ground when it comes to helping victims of abuse heal. 

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