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Staff Spotlight: America Arroyo

This month, we wanted to highlight Bilingual Forensic Interviewer, America Arroyo. Her passion for helping kids get justice and tell their story led her here to ChicagoCAC. However, it was her kind heart and generosity that we wanted to share with everyone.

What do you do at ChicagoCAC?

I started working at the CAC last year as a family services coordinator and recently transitioned to work as a bilingual forensic interviewer! Before starting work here, I didn’t even know what a forensic interviewer was. But when I found out, I knew I wanted to work in that field.

What does a typical day look like for you?

On a typical day, I work closely with children and families as part of the investigation process. I also work with great coworkers who motivate me and encourage me to grow as an interviewer.

What keeps you at ChicagoCAC?

I love the mission of the ChicagoCAC and feeling like I am making a difference every day when I wake up and go to work.

You are uniquely connected to our current raffle for Taylor Swift tickets. How?

Well, I have been a big Taylor Swift fan for a very long time. When the presales for her concert tickets began, my friends, my boyfriend, and I all scrambled to get tickets. Being able to obtain tickets became a lot more difficult than any of us expected it but my boyfriend got really lucky with being able to get two floor tickets for her show in Tampa. However, at this point, my friends and I had managed to obtain tickets to her Chicago show. He knew that floor tickets for one of her concerts could be worth a lot and he wanted something good to come out of it. That was when he had the idea of reaching out to the CAC and seeing if they could be raffled off. He is highly supportive and appreciative of the work that we do here, he loves that the tickets are now being used for a good cause and that they are going to benefit so many people.

With the holiday season coming up, are you looking forward to any traditions?

We don’t really do traditions, but my family and I are going to Mexico to spend Christmas and New Years with my family there. I’m really looking forward to it!

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