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Pride Month: LGBTQ+ Events and Resources

To make sure you’re always able to find information you need on LGBTQ+ issues, we’re collecting some of the resources we posted about on our social media pages and posting them on our site! Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to add to or be featured on our list!

Parents and Caregivers: we’ve created a special page on our site for you with tips and suggested reading material, so check it out!

Youth-Friendly Pride Events For 2023

Know a young person who wants to celebrate LGBTQ+ pride? We’ve collected some events that work well for teens and those of all ages in Chicago. 

  • Pride Fest – held on June 17-18 , there will be a Youth Pride Space for teens from 12 – 7 PM.
  • Chicago Public Library – The library is celebrating Pride all month long, with many events geared towards children and families. 
  • Navy Pier Pride: Held on June 23 -24 at one of Chicago’s favorite tourist attractions, this festival is free and family friendly with a diversity of entertainment.

Local LGBTQ+ Organizations

While most of these organizations tend to focus on adult programming and needs, they can still be helpful resources for older teens and those looking for general community support.

  • This year, Block Club Chicago collected an extensive list of LGBTQ+ family resources, including some of the ones mentioned below. Take a look!
  • Brave Space Alliance: A Black-led, trans-led organization on the South and West sides of Chicago that provides a variety of services to Black and Brown queer and trans people. 
  • Broadway Youth Center/Howard Brown Health: Broadway Youth Center provides shelter, basic needs, support services and so much more for youth up until their mid-20s or later. They are a division of Howard Brown Health, which provides low-cost and LGBTQ+-informed healthcare at a variety of clinics around Chicago. 
  • Center on Halsted: The Midwest’s largest LGBTQ center is right here in Chicago with programs ranging from youth to seniors, and from serious support to community fun!
  • Kenneth C. Young Center – A relatively new LGBTQ+ center in the northwest suburbs that has youth programs starting at age 11, and options for QTBIPOC youth as well. Programs are available virtually as well as in-person.
  • Lurie Children’sOur medical partner organization offers a variety of supports, from primary care to help with gender transitions. Check out what they have to offer!

Online Resources

  • The Trevor Project’s National Survey on LGBTQ Youth Mental Health was just released for 2023. The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning) young people.
  • Want some tips for what to do if someone comes out to you? Check out this helpful resource from UNC called If Someone Comes Out to You.
  • The Polaris Project is an extremely respected resource about human trafficking issues. For Pride Month, they created a special webpage related to LGBTQ concerns around trafficking, including resources related to LGBTQ+ youth. 
  • If you’re an LGBTQ+ youth or teen trying to navigate life after leaving an unsafe or unsupportive environment, True Colors United and the Human Rights Campaign made a guide of helpful details for things like getting identification, applying for jobs, and other ways you might need support called “On Our Own“.

Pronoun Guide

You’ve probably heard about pronouns, maybe in grammar class…or maybe in the context of gender identity. We’ve created a Pronoun Guide with many great tips and additional resources inside! And mypronouns.org is also a great comprehensive beginner resource if you have questions!

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