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Partnership with Lurie Children’s

(Chicago, IL)—  Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center (ChicagoCAC) has entered into an agreement with Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (Lurie Children’s) to provide services for children where concern for sexual abuse or other serious maltreatment exists. This arrangement with the Protective Services Team at Lurie Children’s will help link families to additional resources and  is effective March 1, 2021.

The ChicagoCAC clinic provides a wide range of clinical services and support to patients and families in cases where child maltreatment is either suspected or has been identified. “Our Protective Services Team is just one piece of the care puzzle provided at ChicagoCAC,” said Norell Rosado, MD, Interim Head of Protective Services at Lurie Children’s. “We are a multidisciplinary clinic that will provide care in a trauma sensitive way for the patient.”

“We are excited to work with Lurie Children’s because they bring expertise in trauma-informed care and unparalleled experience in providing medical care to children and families,” said Jason Wynkoop, Chief Program Officer, Advocacy and Investigation at ChicagoCAC. “The multidisciplinary team model is a hallmark of children’s advocacy centers, and it gives children and families the support they need to start the healing process.”

Lurie Children’s Protective Services Team will work with ChicagoCAC staff to provide multidisciplinary care. Together, services include:

  • Medical assessment of children, including ancillary tests
  • Psychosocial evaluation of children and families
  • Coordination of various disciplines and professionals within the healthcare community, as well as with collaborating agencies

“One thing we need to understand about sexual abuse is that children have no say in it,” said Rosado “When we are caring for a victim of sexual abuse, we want to give that control back to the child or teen. When a child has been through this type of trauma, we need to create a safe and supportive space to engage, empower, and collaborate with families. We need to start creating a culture of trauma-informed practices.”

ChicagoCAC is one of the nation’s largest children’s advocacy centers and Chicago’s only nonprofit organization that coordinates the efforts of child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, family advocates, medical experts and mental health clinicians under one roof to address cases of child sexual abuse. The collaborative treatment model helps children and families heal from abuse in a comprehensive, trauma-informed way.

“At ChicagoCAC, we need partners who strive to provide comprehensive services to victims and appreciate the need for collaboration, said Wynkoop. “I’m excited that the families we serve will have access to the resources available at Chicago’s largest children’s hospital.”

To report suspected abuse in Illinois, call 1-800-25-ABUSE (1-800-252-2873). If a child is in immediate danger, also call 911.

Outside of Illinois, call 1-800-422-4453.

About Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center: Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center andits partners are the front-line responders in Chicago to reports of child sexual abuse. ChicagoCAC also responds to cases of physical abuse, witness to violence, trafficking, and other serious child maltreatment. Since opening in 2001, the organization has served more than 42,000 children. ChicagoCAC is located at 1240 S. Damen Avenue, Chicago, IL 60608, 312. 492.3700.

About Lurie Children’s Protective Services Team: The Division of Child Abuse Pediatrics at Lurie Children’s, identifies and treats children that may have been victims of abuse and neglect. The team’s goal is to ensure that all children served by the hospital are in a safe and healthy environment.

Contact: Christin Kruse, Chief Development and Marketing Officer, ChicagoCAC, (815) 276-6891 or at ckruse@chicagocac.org

Julianne Bardele, Associate Director of Public Affairs, Lurie Children’s, (813) 843-8073 or jbardele@luriechildrens.org

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