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New Laws Preventing and Addressing Child Abuse in 2022

Last year, ChicagoCAC advocated on behalf of these important laws that become effective in 2022. Their passage helps protect the safety and well-being of children across the state of Illinois.  

Public Act 102-0477 – Right to a Forensic InterviewEffective 1/1/22, this law provides that every child reported to the Department of Children and Family Services or law enforcement as a victim of sexual assault or sexual abuse has a right to a forensic interview conducted by an accredited children’s advocacy center.  

Public Act 102-0676 – Faith’s Law: With varying effective dates, this law defines educator sexual misconduct, requires schools to develop policies to prevent it, and directs schools to develop parent resource guides for abuse prevention. Faith’s Law also enhances the definition of child grooming in the Illinois criminal code and the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act.  

Public Act 102-0610 – Enhancements to Erin’s Law: Effective 7/1/22, this law will strengthen the current version of Erin’s Law to require evidence-informed sexual abuse prevention education in grades K-12 as well as training for school staff, and that comprehensive prevention information be provided to students’ families.  

Public Act 102-0522 – The Keeping Youth Safe and Healthy Act: Effective immediately, this law requires the Illinois State Board of Education to establish statewide standards for sexual health and safety education for K-12 public schools in Illinois. This includes standards for educating younger students about body safety and requiring inclusive sexual health education in all grades.   

Public Act 102-0446 – The Ensuring Success in Schools Law: With varying effective dates, this law requires schools to provide support and accommodations for survivors of sexual and domestic violence who are K-12 students in Illinois schools.  

Senate Resolution 58 Adopted: This resolution creates the Child Sexual and Physical Abuse Task Force, which will meet and make recommendations about the Sexual Assault Survivors Emergency Treatment Act (SASETA) to ensure that child development and children’s medical needs are addressed in medical responses to child sexual abuse.   

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