For the past two decades, Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center has battled abuse and restored lives, one child at a time.

One in ten children in the United States will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday—these are our children, in our communities and neighborhoods.

When 10-year-old Sophie* came to ChicagoCAC, she was scared and withdrawn. She had been through so much, and she didn’t know how to cope. But our team of experts was there to help every step of the way. Also there to help was our beloved facility dog, Mac, who helped create a comfortable and safe environment. 

Sophie’s therapist helped her begin to develop positive coping skills to thrive. We walked alongside her every step of the way as Sophie began her journey of seeking justice, hope, and healing. Sophie has such fond memories of that day that she calls it “Mac Day.” Read Sophie’s complete story here.

We walk alongside kids like Sophie every step of the way as they begin their journey of seeking justice, hope, and healing. The challenge we face is that Sophie is not alone: 48,000 children have received services through ChicagoCAC since 2001 thanks to your continued support.

There are thousands of other children like Sophie in Chicago who need your help. That’s why we are asking you to make a generous gift today. 

Click here for examples of your gift’s impact through ChicagoCAC. Will you become a donor today and change the future of a child?

Char Rivette, MSW
Chief Executive Officer
Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center

Thanks to the generosity of a local foundation, every new or increased gift up to $100,000 will be matched!

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