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July 2022 PATHH Newsletter

We’re back with another edition of our PATHH Newsletter. This month our newsletter highlights the work of a long-time partner agency and shares information on upcoming trainings and resources for families. If you have any questions or exciting resources you’d like to share with the group, please send them our way at fhcchicagocac@gmail.com.

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Advocacy News and Updates

Advocacy update – Impact of Dobbs Decision

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 to overturn the constitutional right to abortion. While this decision does not change abortion’s legality in Illinois at this time, the news may lead to emotional distress for families in situations where a child has become pregnant as a result of rape or incest.

We will continue to advocate on behalf of our children and families and use personal health and safety education as a tool for sexual abuse prevention. We believe that this is the best way to keep our children and families safe. 

For more information on the impact of this decision in the Chicago area, check out Chicago Abortion Fund and the Midwest Access Coalition.

Read a full statement from ChicagoCAC here.

Medicaid Renewal

The State of Illinois is asking for help to let Medicaid customers know they need to update their home address, so that they are able to receive important documents to renew their coverage for the upcoming year. Families can update their address here.

ChicagoCAC 8th Annual Hope & Healing Camp

The ChicagoCAC’s Family Hope Center is excited to announce its 8th annual Hope and Healing Camp. The event takes place at the Center the first two weeks of August from 9:00 am to noon.  The first week will serve the Spanish speaking families. We will have activities for caregivers and children. Please reach out if you have any families with children 8-12 that may benefit from this camp. See our flyers in English and in Spanish for more information.

Future PATHH Trainings Survey

It’s July, so that means we are busy planning for the future. Take a moment and let us know what trainings you would like to see this year.

Agency Highlight

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago

This month we’re highlighting the work of YWCA Metropolitan Chicago Sexual Violence Support Services. YWCA is an original member of PATHH and has offered valuable guidance as part of our PATHH Steering Committee.  Over the years, YWCA participated in pilots for Hope & Healing group and a potential referral platform. The PATHH community benefits from their expertise through their participation in the Learning Community, including a past (and hopefully future) training in Reflective Supervision. As a Rape Crisis Center, YWCA offers free counseling services and case management to survivors of sexual abuse ages 3 and above as well as their non-offending significant others. Through individual counseling, groups and workshops, YWCA provides much needed clinical support to families healing from sexual abuse and assault. Learn more about their services here.

Past Training Highlight

Continuing Education Credit is available after full attendance at a PATHH training for licensed social workers, licensed counselors, and licensed psychologists. If you would like to get credit, you must fully attend the training and then complete a link. The link is provided in the email the month following the training. Once you complete the CE credit link, you will automatically receive an email. That email serves as your proof of attendance and CE credit. Please do not complete a CE credit link for any training you do not fully attend. Partial credit is not available.

Here are some links to recent trainings:

Upcoming PATHH Trainings

Scheduled Trainings

Friday, July 22nd 11am to 1:30pm – Vicarious Trauma

We will start off with a PATHH community meeting and then move on to a fun, interactive, brief training on vicarious trauma. 

During the community meeting we will invite each PATHH agency to provide updates about their agency and current programming information. It is a great opportunity for clinicians to learn about what’s happening in the community, including potential service referrals for clients. The vicarious trauma training will be a highly interactive and fun exploration into key pillars that are protective against vicarious trauma. It will also be a great opportunity for networking and connecting with other trauma therapists.

The link for the meeting is below:


Friday, August 26th 9am to 1:30pm – TBD

Future PATHH Trainings Survey

It’s July, so that means we are busy planning for the future. Take a moment and let us know what trainings you would like to see this year.

Job Postings

Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center

Family Advocate – The Family Advocate’s job is to provide advocacy, crisis intervention, and short-term case management services to child victims of sexual abuse and their families who are referred to the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center. 

Bilingual Therapist – Provides individual, family and group therapy and case management to clients within agency policies and procedures and practices. Assesses for social service needs of clients and makes appropriate referrals.

Youth Outreach Service

YOS has multiple openings across their agency, especially counseling positions across all programs, including general mental health, PSB, and juvenile justice/substance use. A handful of postings are highlighted below, but visit their Careers page for a full list.

Bilingual Clinical Counselor – Under the direction of the Program Manager, Bilingual Clinical Counselors will provide several models of intervention to youth and their families experiencing mental and behavioral health challenges. Counselors will be responsible for developing and monitoring treatment plans for clients, provide individual, group and family counseling, and conduct home or school visits, as needed.

Clinical Counselor CBT/PSB  – Under the direction of the Program Manager, the CBT/PSB Clinical Counselor provides direct service to clients, accomplished through individual, group and family counseling, outreach in the community, collaboration with referral sources, area police departments, probation services and other community agencies. The CBT PSB Clinical Counselor provides therapy services to adolescent clients primarily for problematic sexual behavior and occasional mental health treatment.

Juvenile Justice Counselor, Full-time  – Under the direction of the Program Manager, the Juvenile Justice Counselor provides direct service to client, referred by either DJJ or Juvenile Court participating in Evening Reporting Center. Services include individual and group counseling, recreation, and transportation to and from program. Youth involved in program complete a 21-day mandatory program as appointed by Juvenile Court.

Outreach Counselor – The Outreach Counselor provides outreach to engage high risk youth in services. Meet with parents and guardians to assist engagement.

Advocate Childhood Trauma Treatment Program

Clinical Psychologist Position – Provide advanced level of clinical psychological services to patient and families presenting with psychiatric, psychological, and behavioral health problems across the continuum of care as well as education, training and research. Provides clinical leadership and coordination of assigned team related activities.

Social Worker position – Provide counseling, discharge planning activities and resource referrals for those patients who have assessed medical, psychosocial, or continued care needs. Enhance resource utilization and coordination of care.

 Mt. Sinai – Under the Rainbow

High Risk Youth Intervention Service – Supervisor – The HYRIS Program supervisor will provide clinical supervision to a team of 4-5 clinicians, provide direct services to high risk youth, manage grant budget and deliverables in conjunction with UTR leadership, and maintain relationship with community organizations and referral sources.

High Risk Youth Intervention Service – Psychotherapist – The HYRIS psychotherapist will provide direct therapy and case management services to high risk youth who are referred and maintain relationships with community organizations and referral sources. All psychotherapist receive regular supervision tailored to t their developmental level and licensure requirements, and are encouraged to take advantage of the collaborative and collegial culture of the clinic.

UCAN Chicago

Clinical Supervisor – Under the direction of the Director of Clinical and Counseling Services, the Clinical Supervisor supervises and administers a unit of assigned Psychotherapists providing a wide range of therapeutic services to clients in a community-based outpatient counseling setting and participates in the development and administration of programs as a member of the management team.  The Clinical Supervisor also provides direct individual, family, and group psychotherapy services. 

Behavior Intervention Specialist – assists the school staff in establishing appropriate behavior in the school setting. The Specialist is responsible for facilitating healing through Trauma Informed services and utilizing Positive Youth Development and UCAN’s Clinical Philosophy.


Bilingual Therapist (Chicago) – The Bilingual Therapist will provide crisis intervention, short-term or long-term therapy and group counseling for children, adolescents and adult victims of sexual assault/abuse and their non-offending significant others.. 

Bilingual Therapist (Chicago Heights) – The Therapist is responsible for providing crisis intervention, short- or long-term therapy and group counseling for children, adolescents and adult victims of sexual assault/abuse and their non-offending significant others. The Therapist actively supports the promotion of synergy across YWCA programs and in Racial Justice work..  

If you have any upcoming trainings, group information, outside referral information, or the Agency Spotlight that you would like us to have/share, please send it to fhcchicagocac@gmail.com. We’re excited for this newsletter and appreciate any feedback to make the future newsletters better!

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