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In Memoriam: Tiffany Brown

As March drew to a close, ChicagoCAC experienced another loss within our community, one very close to home. Tiffany Brown, who worked with children who’d experienced sexual exploitation, passed away on March 29. Tiffany, far left in the photo above, was an ardent White Sox fan and along with two colleagues represented ChicagoCAC at Sox Serve’s Grant Night in July 2019.  She had worked with ChicagoCAC for nearly four years, and to say that she touched the lives of everyone here would be an understatement. In addition to the colleagues who respected her, Tiffany leaves behind her husband—the love of her life—and a daughter who loved her mother fiercely, as well as countless other family and friends who rejoice at her life and grieve her passing.

Working with trafficking victims and survivors involves building healthy relationships with those who have rarely experienced consistent care and support. Tiffany threw herself into this work. Colleagues recall that she could be found taking time to attend a child’s basketball game, or go fishing with them, always finding ways to connect. She was calm, collected and focused on the work at hand: helping young people find safety and build their lives. During last week’s staff meeting, colleagues recalled the wisdom and values Tiffany imparted, like how to be present and maintain composure in tough moments and ways to invest in work while building her own family. ChicagoCAC is better because of Tiffany: Her legacy of passion and care will remain even as we feel her loss.

Thank you, Tiffany, for all you gave to us at ChicagoCAC.

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