With so much information going around it can be hard to narrow down and find what we’re looking for regarding the COVID-19 vaccination. This resource list has been collected to highlight myths and facts about the vaccination, as well as to show how someone signs up for the vaccine here in Chicago. The information regarding obtaining the COVID-19 vaccination in Chicago, as well as pandemic-related alerts, are continually changing. Please continue to refer to local resources. For updates from the City of Chicago, you can text “COVID19” to 6-7-2-8-3.

CDC Fact Sheets

Myths & Facts about the Vaccine

Vaccine FAQ

City of Chicago sheets:

Vaccine Fact Sheet (English and Spanish)

Before COVID-19 Vaccine (English and Spanish)

After COVID-19 Vaccine (English and Spanish)

Vaccine FAQ

Signing up for “Free Or Low Cost Health Care:

English Language Flyer

Spanish Language Flyer

Signing Up for a Vaccine

Where can I sign up to get the Vaccine?

The “Vaccine Finder” on the City of Chicago Website is a fantastic resource! These steps are outlined first, but below you can type in your zip code to see where vaccines are being offered in your area.

  1. First start with your Health Care Provider, this can be your primary care provider, a health clinic, or a hospital where you have gotten medical care in the past. If your provider has not signed up to provide vaccines, try some of the following steps:
  2. Your Local Pharmacy:
    1. https://www.walgreens.com/findcare/vaccination/covid-19
    2. https://www.marianos.com/i/coronavirus-update/vaccine
    3. https://www.walmart.com/cp/1228302
    4. https://www.mhealthappointments.com/covidappt
    5. https://book-costcopharmacy.appointment-plus.com/cttb5n42/?e_id=5435
    6. https://book-costcopharmacy.appointment-plus.com/cttc019c/?e_id=5439
  3. If your local pharmacy is not working for you, try your employer if you are a frontline essential worker.
    1. If you are still unable, try through ZocDoc: https://www.zocdoc.com/vaccine/screener?state=IL

Starting March 4th, people without internet they can call 312-746-4835. They’re expecting high call volume and still suggest ZocDoc.


You must receive the first and second dose of the same COVID-19 vaccine at the same location.

After receiving the vaccine (either dose), please think about signing up for V-Safe: https://vsafe.cdc.gov/ This is a federal resource that tracks symptoms of everyone who has received the vaccine to ensure post-vaccination symptoms are consistently being monitored. This helps others to also feel more safe about getting the vaccine knowing how many people have been vaccinated so far and what their symptoms looked like after receiving the vaccine.

Free Resource on Vaccine Rollout in Chicago: https://covidcoach.chicago.gov/  

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