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ChicagoCAC in the News- August 2022

Our own Char Rivette, Chief Executive Officer, and Jason Wynkoop, Chief Program Officer, Advocacy, & Investigative Services, have been in the news recently talking about ChicagoCAC, the need for healing from trauma, and violation of privacy.

First, Rivette was on WBEZ’s Reset on August 17 to talk about ChicagoCAC’s new initiative, CAN Hope, and the need to provide survivors of sexual and domestic violence a place to heal. You can listen to Rivette speak here.

Next, Wynkoop was asked to comment on a piece of news involving an invasion of privacy on women who accused a man of groping them. The man was subsequently charged, but court filings were not properly handled and names and addresses of victims were not redacted. You can see Wynkoop’s response to this here.

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