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Be a Luminary

Shine a light on child abuse in Chicago. Join the fight to end it.

We need to stay home because of Covid-19. But what if home isn’t always the safe place it’s meant to be? Right now, too many Chicago kids are isolated in homes with adults who are dealing with an incredible amount of stress, a huge risk factor for abuse. And these children are cut off from contact with others, like teachers and social workers, who might be able to support them and prevent abuse. But you can help. In more ways than you can imagine. Know the facts. Recognize the signs. Learn what you can do.


Child abuse doesn’t stop during a pandemic. During this difficult time, Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center continues to be hard at work to ensure the safety, health, and well-being of abused children. ChicagoCAC and our partners are the front-line responders in Chicago to reports of child sexual abuse. We also respond to physical abuse, witness to violence, and other serious maltreatment. Your gift is urgently needed so we can continue to shine a light on this crisis and help protect all of Chicago’s kids from physical and sexual abuse. WILL YOU GIVE?

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