Keeping My Family Safe

Preventing child sexual abuse

Preventing sexual abuse starts with caring adults taking responsibility for protecting children and youth. Know the important things you can communicate to your child, behaviors to watch out for and steps to take to keep children safe. Through lecture and group discussion, the presentation covers:

  • how to communicate healthy sexual development
  • the importance of teaching children the proper names for all body parts
  • how to teach boundaries, privacy and consent
  • behavioral warning signs in children, youth and adults
  • ways to speak up during concerning situations
  • creating a family safety plan
  • resources on child development and sexual abuse


This training is intended for parents and other caregivers, and it can be customized for specific audiences by request.


This training is 45 to 90 minutes in length, and it can be customized for specific groups.


This training is available by request at your facility or at ChicagoCAC.

ChicagoCAC Keeping My Family Safe Preview


This training corresponds with our Keeping My Family Safe workbook, which provides caregivers with the information and tools to prevent child sexual abuse before it begins.


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