Child Life

During their visit to the center, children are invited to participate in our child life program, where a team of child life specialists provide a developmentally-appropriate environment for our clients and their siblings.

The specialists encourage child-directed play, allowing children to engage in activities of their choice. This provides for a fun, safe and supportive setting, so children can feel at ease during their appointments. The child life team also facilitates special programs, offering therapeutic activities to further nurture and support families who come to the center:

  • Canine Companionship. Volunteers from Canine Therapy Corps come to the center throughout the week to provide pet therapy to families. The interactions and the bond formed between the therapy dogs and our children contribute greatly towards the healing process.
  • Music Magic. Musically-trained volunteers come to the center weekly to engage with the children in a variety of ways. Children are given the choice of listening to our volunteers play music, being taught how to play the instruments or simply exploring on their own. This type of exposure to music enhances self-expression and decreases anxiety.
  • Child Life Chefs. Following a child friendly cookbook, specialists help the children make simple snacks and meals for themselves in the child life kitchen, enabling them to feel independent and learn basic culinary skills.