What We Do

We are the city’s only not-for-profit that coordinates child protection staff, law enforcement professionals, medical experts, family advocates and mental health clinicians under one roof. Since opening our doors in 2001, we have responded to more than 30,000 reports of child sexual abuse, averaging more than 2,000 reports each year. Learn more about our services below and by using the navigation on the left.

Response to sexual abuse

ChicagoCAC responds to reports of child sexual abuse as part of a multi-disciplinary team of experts. Together, we investigate alleged abuse, conduct forensic interviews, provide family advocacy, reduce trauma and identify resources so that children and families may begin the healing process. Learn more about our response to child sexual abuse. 

Response to physical abuse

Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center convenes the Multi-disciplinary Pediatric Education and Evaluation Consortium (MPEEC). This landmark partnership provides timely, comprehensive investigation, diagnosis and treatment of suspected physical abuse of children under age 3, ensuring the best outcome for children and families. Learn more about our response to child physical abuse.

Education, Outreach & Prevention

ChicagoCAC’s education, outreach and prevention team facilitates trainings for professionals and community members on preventing, recognizing, responding to and reporting abuse. In addition, the team conducts trainings on trauma-informed environments, protecting children with disabilities and more. Learn more about our outreach. 

Forensic Interviews

In addition to providing forensic interviews for children who have been sexually abused, ChicagoCAC also interviews children who have experienced other types of abuse, have witnessed violence or have special needs that may make a traditional interview more difficult. Learn more about forensic interviews.

Medical Clinic

Cook County Health & Hospitals System runs our on-site medical clinic. Four board-certified child abuse pediatricians staff the clinic and provide comprehensive, developmentally-sensitive, trauma-informed medical assessments and care for child sexual abuse. Learn more about our medical clinic.

Mental Health Services

ChicagoCAC’s mental health team helps children heal from the trauma of abuse. In our Family Hope Center, therapists create a comfortable, safe space for children to tell their trauma stories, identify and overcome challenges, develop positive coping skills and build healthy relationships.  Learn more about ChicagoCAC’s mental health services.