Helping Children Heal

ChicagoCAC Therapy2Investments in our campaign ensure victims get the healing services they deserve for lifelong success.

There is a pressing need for trauma therapy in Chicago; there are not enough providers to meet the demand. Our Growing & Giving campaign changes that.

When children receive therapy, they heal more fully and quickly. Our therapists use evidence-based treatments to help kids manage stress, express themselves and feel confident in all the things that make them amazing. By building their coping and communication skills, we set them up for lifelong success. Learn more about our therapy program.

With increased funding, we will serve more children more quickly. Plus, we’re expanding our programs to offer parent-only groups and group therapy for families on our wait list to help them cope and support their children.

G&G Photos with CaptionsHelp children receive the therapy they need to overcome trauma and heal from abuse. Donate to ChicagoCAC’s Growing & Giving campaign now to ensure a brighter future for Chicago’s children.

For more information, contact Ashley Howard: or (312) 492-3725

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