A Day without Immigrants

We join with others across our country today in recognizing A Day without Immigrants. At ChicagoCAC, we do everything in our power to ensure that there are no barriers to reporting abuse and accessing our healing services – including immigration status.

Fears of deportation, arrest and other family separation prevents immigrants from reporting child sexual abuse that they suspect, or coming forward to get the resources that child victims need to heal. But because Chicago is a sanctuary city, local law enforcement is not required to report documentation status to the federal government. In fact, our Family Advocates and Intensive Case Managers work with our immigrant families to secure U-visas and other vital resources to stabilize their lives and keep their children safe from future harm.

Our staff and partner agencies are an incredibly diverse group of folks born in this country and many others, which strengthens our ability to battle abuse and restore lives. The majority of our teams are bi-lingual in English and Spanish, and we use translators for other languages so that we can communicate with every single family who needs us.

We stand in solidarity with immigrant families. We pledge today and always to uphold our core values: Freedom from abuse and exploitation is a basic human right. The Center is a safe place for everyone who enters its doors.