Since opening our doors in 2001, Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center has responded to more than 27,000 reports of child sexual abuse, averaging more than 2,000 reports each year.

Children who come to ChicagoCAC represent all communities, ethnicities, religions and socio-economic statuses. At the center, children can tell their story in their own words to experts who listen to them, protect them and help them heal from the trauma of abuse. All of our services are free of charge to every client, every time.

Read the stories below to see how child sexual abuse impacts children’s lives – and how ChicagoCAC provides the vital care that children and families need to heal.

Our clients’ names have been changed, and the children pictured are models.

Aidan’s Story

Aidan is much more than a victim of sexual abuse. With the incredible progress he’s made in therapy over the last year, he’s becoming more and more like his favorite superhero – Spider-Man – every day. (At least to us, anyway!) Join us in celebrating his successes, and please consider making a gift in his honor.

Tameeka’s Story

Tameeka came to ChicagoCAC for her forensic interview confident and ready to tell her story. Kudos to her mom, Anita, for being her rock and making all the difference in her daughter's healing!

Tyler’s Story

It’s hard to believe that a 3-year-old could be a victim of sexual abuse, but we see kids like Tyler often. His entire extended family came together to support him, and his family is well on their way to recovery – and they haven’t even started therapy yet!

Sierra’s Story

Before she was a victim of cyber abuse, Sierra was close with her dad – so close that they could understand each other without even saying a word. As the abuse started to take a toll, Sierra pulled away, but her dad stayed right by her, even if he couldn’t understand what was wrong. Sierra is fully committed to her healing, and her dad is with her every step of the way.

Derrien’s Story

Derrien works hard to heal. With help from his mom and his therapist, he's building his self-confidence and trust.

Maria’s Story

At ChicagoCAC, Maria, her mom and her sister get the therapy they need to heal and be able to support each other.

Amy’s Story

Amy has emerged as one of our most resilient clients.

Jarrod’s Story

At ChicagoCAC, Jarrod and his mom got the specialized care and services they need to begin healing.

Shawn’s Story

Shawn has been through a lot for a young man of his age. His therapist is helping his family understand how to better support his needs.
ChicagoCAC Maya

Maya’s Story

After telling the experts at ChicagoCAC about her history of abuse, Maya immediately felt better.